High Lake & Mount Sneffels

High Lake & Mount Sneffels

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Workshop Fee: $3,650

Instructors: Jack Dykinga, Bill Ellzey

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(Writeup by Workshop Organizer Bruce Barnbaum) Three outstanding photographers and instructors—Jack Dykinga, Bill Ellzey and Bruce Barnbaum—present the Olympic Peninsula workshops…at the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48 states of the USA. This is a location rich in scenery and rich in history. The jagged, glacier-studded Olympic Mountains jump to nearly 8,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Puget Sound to the east. On its flanks are turbulent rivers and dense rainforests of Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Big Leaf Maples covered with thick beds of spongy mosses. And then it drops to the magnificent Pacific Coast, with its offshore sea stacks, driftwood strewn beaches, and crashing surf. Each of these locations offers a lifetime worth of photography.

The three instructors will dive into the heart of your work and your photographic goals, unlocking ideas that you may never have considered to be part of your thought process. They will not only reveal things about your work that you never knew, but do it in the most encouraging and supportive ways imaginable. They’ll be totally honest—no pandering allowed—but their reviews of your work will boost you to levels you never believed possible.

In addition they will be showing some of their work, inviting any and all questions about their thinking, their approach and workflow, their materials, and anything else you may wish to know. They have no secrets, and are eager to share their vast store of photographic expertise throughout the workshop. Whether you are engaging in digital approaches or traditional approaches, you will have the answers to your questions from these guys.

The workshop begins in the town of Port Angeles on the North side of the peninsula, where we will have spectacular views of the entire Olympic Mountain range from Hurricane Ridge. We also have quick access Crescent Lake, the magnificent cedar, Douglas fir, Sitka spruce and maple forests in the northern portions of the park, and even the charming town of Port Townsend.

Midway through the workshop, we move to the town of Forks on the west side of the peninsula, where we have access to the heart of the dramatic rainforests, and the windswept Pacific Coast, including some of the most spectacular west coast beaches. Fog and sun often alternate throughout the day, making these forests and beaches even more mysterious and magnificent, a never-ending kaleidoscope of light and wonder.

About Instructors

Jack Dykinga is among a handful of top-echelon landscape photographer-educators these days.  He is a co-founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers.  His journey from Pulitzer Prize winner for photojournalism in 1970, to celebrated landscape photographer today is on display in his latest book, A Photographer's Life.  Read it and, better yet, join this workshop and spend some in-person time with one of the best photographer-instructors alive.

Bill Ellzey  My pedigree / credentials can be found here.


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